street animals in india
Animal welfare, Animal welfare NGOs

Statistics of Street Animals & Top NGOs working to Save Animal’s Life

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), India faces about 18000 to 20000 Rabies cases every year. The number of stray animals in India is increasing every year. Helplocal decided to create this post to share the latest statistics of stray animals in India. In this post, we will help people of India learn about the statistics and data of…

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Child care and protection

Stop Child Trafficking in India: Simple & Easy Solutions

According to the National Human Rights Commission of India, approximately 40,000 children are being kidnapped every year. Government and NGOs are working hard to stop child trafficking in India but it also needs support from Indian communities to fight back this social evil. That’s why we created a quick guide incorporating some critical measures and solutions to prevent child trafficking…

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global warming solutions
Global warming

Tips to Save Environment from Global Warming

Every year, the environment is getting hotter, the planet is becoming warmer, and the glaciers are melting. Now is the high time to make some important decisions to save the environment from global warming. Some people are not aware of how to take the right steps to save the environment. That’s why we created this post to share the best…

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human rights NGOs in India
human rights NGOs

8 Human Rights NGOs in India Saving the Day

Thousands of human rights NGOs operate in India and help people fight discrimination (on the basis of caste, color, gender etc.), abuse of power, freedom of expression, and other challenges to human rights. However, a lot of Indians are not aware of the nonprofits working for human rights. That’s why we decided to create this post. In this post, Helplocal…

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