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11 Stray Dog NGOs in Delhi, India: Name, Address, and More

According to the Mars Petcare Report in 2021, there are nearly 80 million homeless stray dogs and cats in India. The above insight is enough to understand why animal welfare has become a paramount issue in Delhi and rest of the India.

Many animal welfare NGOs in India are working tirelessly to provide food, shelter, care, and love to the stray dogs in Delhi. Still, some people are not aware of the top NGOs working for street dogs in Delhi, India. That’s why we decided to create this blog and share the list of the top stray dog NGOs in India. 

In this blog, Helplocal – trusted for discovering animal rescue NGOs in India – will share the list of the top 11 stray dog NGOs in Delhi, India. Let’s start!

Top 11 Dog NGOs in Delhi

There are several NGOs for street dogs in Delhi that ensure the welfare and well-being of dogs. Rescuing dogs from abusive situations, providing them with medical care, shelter, and finding them loving homes are some of the significant works of NGOs for stray dogs in Delhi. Here is the list of  the 11 dog NGOs in Delhi, India:

People for Animals 

People for Animals (PFA) is India’s largest Non-Governmental Animal Welfare Organization with a nationwide network of 26 hospitals, 165 units, 60 mobile units, and 2.5 Lakh members. They work to rescue and rehabilitate sick and needy animals in Delhi. 

PFA has set up many shelters, ambulance services, sterilization programs, treatment camps, and disaster rescue missions for stray dogs and other animals. They also conduct education programs in schools, fight cases in court, and lobby on animal issues in parliament. Get in touch with them to volunteer or donate to animal welfare in Delhi.

Address: People For Animals, 14 Ashoka Road, Jantar Mantar Road, New Delhi 110001

Contact number: +91 – 11 23719293/94



Friendicoes SECA Society for the Eradication of Cruelty to Animals started in 1975 as a Kindness Club run by a group of school children headed by founder president Anuradha Aggarwal Modi. Her vision was to make a world where humans and animals live in harmony and animals don’t suffer cruelty, pain, or deprivation. Every animal has access to food and quality health care and no animal goes through pain and silent anguish bravely borne. 

Friendicoes is currently caring for 2000 permanent animals and countless stray dogs in Delhi with a city shelter in South Delhi, India. Contact them to volunteer or donate. Check out the NGO working for the eradication of cruelty to animals in Delhi.

Address: Village Gopalpur, Khera Garhi Harsaru, sector 99, Gurugram, India

Contact number: +91 702 7777 951


Red Paws Rescue

Red Paws Rescue works to find homes for stray dogs in Delhi, placing abandoned pets into loving homes, mass sterilizations of stray animals in different zones across Delhi, and better medical care. They also strive to provide a safe permanent home to senior dogs at rescue centers as well as provide daily meals to homeless animals on the streets of Delhi. Get in touch with them to donate or volunteer. Check out the NGO for stray dogs in Delhi.

Address: B-149 Greater Kailash Part -1, New Delhi, India – 48

Contact number: 9958866067


Krishna Ashram

Krishna Ashram is known for spreading awareness on how to care for stray dogs in Delhi and nurture street dogs. They also teach children how to be kind to animals. Their 24*7 care and shelter facility helps in protecting the often neglected, abused and vulnerable stray dogs in Delhi. Their main aim is to provide clean drinking water to street dogs and treat them for parasitic infections and wounds. Contact them to volunteer or donation.

Address: Krishna Ashram – D-3A, Rita Villa, Satbari

Contact number: +91 11 2665 3341


Jeevashram Animal Foundation

Jeevashram is a non-profit Animal Foundation, registered under 12A of the IT Act to promote the welfare of animals and prevent cruelty towards them. Jeevashram is a veterinary hospital for both large and small animals They also work on the Animal Birth Control Programme with M.C.D. under Society for Stray Canine Birth Control. 

They have an education program for school kids where they provide awareness about the crucial role that kids could play in preventing cruelty to stray dogs in Delhi. Get in touch with them to volunteer or donate.

Address: Village Rajokri (Near the Rajokri temple), New Delhi – 110038  

Contact number: +91 11 24124114


FIAPO, New Delhi

FIAPO (Federation Of Indian Animal Protection Organisations) is India’s apex animal rights organization. FIAPO protects the rights and interests of animals at local and national levels. They also educate, research, and sterilize to put an end to the use and abuse of animals in Delhi, India. 

Delhi-based FIAPO is tirelessly working to provide shelter, food, care, love, and affection to many stray dogs in Delhi. Contact them to donate or volunteer. Check out this NGO for animal protection organizations in Delhi.

Address: A-86, East of Kailash, New Delhi

Contact number: +91 8750 777 701


Kazaal Helping

Kazaal helping NGO for stray dogs in Delhi works to protect voiceless animals or street dogs who need help with feeding or medical treatment in Delhi & NCR. Kazaal helped open many dog shelters in Delhi, India. The best thing about their dog shelter in Delhi is that you can adopt a dog of your choice. Get in touch with them to donate or volunteer.

Address: Roshanara Road, Arya Pura, Near Pulbangash Metro Station Delhi 110007

Contact number: + 91-9643310227


Pet Animal Welfare Society

PAWS is a registered animal rescue NGO that has been helping animals since 1998. They focus on spreading awareness about pet care and hygiene, especially towards stray dogs in Delhi. You can also volunteer in PAWS to help them reach and treat more street dogs in Delhi, India. 

PAWS conducts regular awareness programs in and around Delhi besides its anti-rabies camps for stray dogs in Delhi. Contact them to donate or volunteer.

Address: C-9/7, Masudpur Market, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070

Contact number: +91-11-26515737


Stray Relief and Animal Welfare, Delhi

STRAW is an NGO for stray dogs in Delhi that supports education regarding animal welfare. They work with the CBSE board and state education boards to provide education in schools regarding stray dogs in Delhi and animal welfare, care, and well-being. They are using textbooks to take animal welfare education in India to another level and have done remarkable work in the past decade. 

STRAW’s mission is to sow the seeds of empathy for people, compassion for street dogs in Delhi, and care for the environment in the hearts of children to prevent cruelty to all living beings. Get in touch with them to donate or volunteer.

Address: 4th Floor, D2/2303, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, INDIA


Shavan Development Foundation

SDF is an NGO for stray dogs in Delhi founded in 2017 to provide food, love, care treatment & rehabilitation to street dogs in Delhi, India. They also vaccinate stray dogs, diagnose & control diseases, and treat animals with the utmost care, and sterilization. Get in touch with them to volunteer or donate. Check out an NGO working for the rehabilitation of street dogs in Delhi.

Address: 71/98, Prem Nagar, Janakpuri, Delhi, India 110058

Contact number: +9108860725556


Like Home Foundation 

Like Home Foundation is an NGO for stray dogs in Gadaipur, Delhi, that specializes in rescuing lost and injured animals, providing them with love and care, and tirelessly working to secure them forever homes. Their mission is to rescue and rehabilitate animals, providing them with a second chance and a joyful life. The ngo strives to create a world where stray dogs and  furry friends find a safe and loving home. Contact them to donate or volunteer.

Address: Flat No 22, 4th Floor, Neelkanth Apartment ,Near Bus Stand,Main Road, Gadaipur, Delhi, 110030, Delhi

Contact number: +91-9953479954


NGOs for Stray Dogs in Delhi

We hope that the above blog helped you learn about the top NGOs working for stray dogs in Delhi, India. These NGOs engage with local communities to address issues related to stray dog populations, pet overpopulation, and access to veterinary care.

Did we miss any NGO in Delhi working for stray dogs? Drop their details in the comments and we will add them to our blog and website.

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