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Violence on Women: Types and Statistics and NGOs to Contact

Violence against women is a pervasive and serious issue affecting millions of women across the globe. This egregious violation of basic human rights and fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of India, has already driven thousands of women in countless households to the brink of suicide. The injustice and systematic failure have created an environment of despair and hopelessness, leaving…

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Plastic pollution
Environment & Global Warming, Global warming

Plastic Pollution: Impacts, Causes, and 11 Tips to Reduce It

We all know plastic is a widely used material in households and industries. Furthermore, the utilization of plastic has experienced an exponential surge since the 1950s, impacting the ecosystem and human societies alike.  According to a report, approximately 12 million tonnes of plastic is dumped into the ocean every year, disrupting the marine ecosystem by killing thousands of fish, and…

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Help orphans
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11 Ways to Help Orphans and Orphanages in India

According to 2021 data, there are about 30 million orphans in India, out of which 29.5 million children wander the streets. Out of these, only less than half a million are under institutional care. The above insight is enough to comprehend the paramount issue of helping orphans and vulnerable children. Those who wander the streets are vulnerable to various issues…

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11 Stray Dog NGOs in Delhi, India: Name, Address, and More

According to the Mars Petcare Report in 2021, there are nearly 80 million homeless stray dogs and cats in India. The above insight is enough to understand why animal welfare has become a paramount issue in Delhi and rest of the India. Many animal welfare NGOs in India are working tirelessly to provide food, shelter, care, and love to the…

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ngos working for environment protection
Environment & Global Warming, Global warming

20 NGOs Working For Environment Protection In India

With the passing years, the environment has been devastated excessively and worse. Here comes the need for NGOs working for environmental protection. Industrialization and modern urbanization have led to uncontrolled deforestation while air, water, and land are polluted badly. In this situation,  environment protection  NGOs have been playing the role of lifesavers because the environment is a fundamental source of…

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role of ngo in disaster management
Disaster management NGOs

Role of NGOs in Disaster Management: 10 Things They Do

India, a country prone to various natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, earthquakes, and droughts, has witnessed the devastating impact of these calamities many times. Some recent natural disasters that ravaged India are Kerala floods, Kashmir floods, Gujarat earthquake, and Uttarakhand floods. In times of crisis, the role of NGOs in disaster management becomes paramount.  Nonprofit organizations play a crucial…

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female trafficking
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Female Trafficking Statistics and Data in India: NGOs Included

Human trafficking involves use of force, fraud, harassment to obtain some type of labour or commercial work. Every year, we witness that millions of females and children are trafficked worldwide – including India too. The victim can be of any age, gender, race and nationality but are usually young women and children. Due to caste system and discrimination,  there are…

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environmentally friendly farming methods
Environment & Global Warming

Cultivate a Sustainable Future: Embracing Environmentally Friendly Farming Methods

In the era of global environmental challenges, the agricultural sector plays a crucial role in shaping a sustainable future. The shift towards environmentally friendly farming methods has become imperative to mitigate the impact of climate change, preserve biodiversity, and ensure long-term food security. Still, some farmers are unaware of the innovative and sustainable practices to reshape the landscape of modern…

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global warming
Environment & Global Warming, Global warming

Global Warming: Impact, Causes, and Measures to Combat Climate Change

Modern human existence is threatened by global warming. Eco systems across the globe are deteriorating at a very fast pace, as we witness depletion of resources, extinction of wildlife, change in weather patterns, and increase in pollution levels. Global warming is a global problem that arises as an effect of gases (like carbon dioxide) that trap the heat from the…

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