Child care and protection, Childcare NGOs

How to Stop Child Labour: Tips & Top NGOs of India

Child labour still remains a major concern in India. Millions of children are forced into unpaid or paid work that deprives them of an education, a happy childhood, and a prosperous future. According to the 2011 census report, around 10.1 million children aged between 5-14 work as child labor in India.  However, the Indian government and many NGOs have come…

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Animal welfare ngo
Animal welfare NGOs

Top Animal Rescue NGOs of Delhi For Rehabilitation and Support

Delhi is home to thousands of stray animals, cats, cows, and other animals. While there are many animal rescue and rehabilitation NGOs working for them in the Old and New Delhi region, some of them stand apart from others for their commitment to animal rescue, rehabilitation, vaccination, and medical support.  Helplocal planned this blog to make more people aware about…

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Tips to NGO

How to donate to NGOs and Charities: Beginners Guide

India has around 3.2 million registered NGOs working around the clock to help people, communities, and ecosystems in need on a daily basis. While there is no dearth of charities, new donors often find it difficult to decide whom to donate and support.  That’s why Helplocal decided to answer the question, ‘how to donate to NGO and charity’! If you…

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How to raise funds for ngo
Tips for NGO

How to Raise Funds for NGO: 11 Fundraising Techniques!

There are thousands of NGOs active across India. While big ones get the funding they need to grow, small ones often struggle with fundraising.  That’s why Helplocal decided to create this post!  Use our ‘how to raise funds for NGO’ guide to discover unique fundraising techniques and increase your monthly donations. Also included are unique tips, ideas, and hacks to…

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