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Different Types of NonProfit Organizations in India: A Comprehensive List

There are various types of nonprofit organizations. Entities organized for charitable, educational, or social purposes rather than for profit are termed nonprofit organizations. They chase a specific goal and work in a way that helps the public. The category of a nonprofit depends upon its purpose or function. A nonprofit organization also falls under the category of tax exemption. If…

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street animals in india
Animal welfare, Animal welfare NGOs

Statistics of Street Animals & Top NGOs working to Save Animal’s Life

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), India faces about 18000 to 20000 Rabies cases every year. The number of stray animals in India is increasing every year. Helplocal decided to create this post to share the latest statistics of stray animals in India. In this post, we will help people of India learn about the statistics and data of…

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Animal welfare NGOs

Top Animal Rescue NGOs of Delhi For Rehabilitation and Support

Delhi is home to thousands of stray animals, cats, cows, and other animals. While there are many animal rescue and rehabilitation NGOs working for them in the Old and New Delhi region, some of them stand apart from others for their commitment to animal rescue, rehabilitation, vaccination, and medical support.  Helplocal planned this blog to make more people aware about…

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