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11 Ways to Help Orphans and Orphanages in India

Help orphans

According to 2021 data, there are about 30 million orphans in India, out of which 29.5 million children wander the streets. Out of these, only less than half a million are under institutional care. The above insight is enough to comprehend the paramount issue of helping orphans and vulnerable children.

Those who wander the streets are vulnerable to various issues like homelessness, poverty, and lack of education but the biggest threat to them is exploitation and transactional sex. That’s why we decided to create this blog and support Indians interested in helping orphans.  

Helplocal –  home to hundreds of underprivileged children NGOs in India – is sharing 10 ways to help orphans and vulnerable children. Let’s start!

11 ways to help orphans in India   

Several registered NGOs in India are working to help orphans but their number is so huge that every small effort counts. There are many ways to help orphans who wander the streets and are vulnerable to exploitation. We are listing out the easiest ways and ideas!

Donate to underprivileged children NGOs

Look for reputable and well-established charities and NGOs in India that work for orphans and disadvantaged children in India. Monetary donations can help charities gain access to more resources related to education, healthcare, food, and clothing.

Volunteer your time

NGOs working for orphans often work with small teams, and can use extra helping hands to reach more underprivileged children. So, we recommend volunteering your time or skills to local NGOs and charities in India so that they can widen their reach. 

Make a meal

Most of us make 3 healthy meals for ourselves and our family but orphans often struggle with the same. If you come across an orphan on your way to work regularly, making him or her a meal can go a long way to ease the struggle of living on the street. All you have to do is make some extra food to give away on a daily basis!  

Spread Awareness

Educating others about the issues encountered by orphans can help to reduce the risks faced by them and increase support from the community. Several NGOs and groups in India spread awareness about crimes happening to orphans in India, especially related to exploitation, female trafficking, transactional sex and forced begging. By creating awareness in your social and virtual circle, you can bring a change!

Sponsor a child

Many NGOs and charities offer child sponsorship programs that allow people to provide financial support to orphaned children. Sponsoring a child is not just limited to necessities like food and clothes; you can support the education of a child to improve their future prospects. If you live in a small city or town and there is no charity there, visit a slum or meet a social worker to identify children you can help!

Hold a collection drive

Orphans often struggle to find food and clothing. Orphanages also experience shortage of groceries, medicines, and clothing. That’s why collection drives focused on items like medicines, clothes, and food items can be a great way to help orphans. Join hands with your friends to collect clothes and groceries for underprivileged children. 

Plan a fundraiser

Orphaned teenagers require monetary support to fund their education. Some also require money to start a business. Therefore, starting a fundraiser to raise money is a good idea. The money collected can be used to support orphanages in your region or help specific children in need of money. 

 Setup medical camps

Another amazing way to help orphans in India! Partnering with a doctor to check the health status of orphans in your region will greatly help check future health challenges. Dental checks, vaccination camps, de-addiction camps, and eye checkup will be very helpful to orphans.


Children in orphanages have limited opportunities to explore life and meet new people. Visiting an orphanage on your birthday, anniversary, or any other day will be a source of comfort for them in their difficult times. Taking sweets/gifts for young ones and planning activities for tweens can bring a lot of joy to them.

Foster care and adoption

Want to really change the life of an orphan? Consider becoming a foster parent or adopting a child in need. Providing a stable and loving home can make a huge difference in an orphan’s life. This is the kindest act and deed a human being can commit! Even though there are thousands of orphans in India, the adoption rate is still very low. In a 2021 report by The Hindu, just 3,559 children were placed for adoption with families living in India and abroad in 2020-21.

Community Programs

Plan or participate in community programs that aim to uplift orphaned and vulnerable children through recreational activities, skill training, and counseling activities. Being involved in such activities will ensure both emotional support, and financial support to them.

Helping orphans in India

Happiness is not just about fulfilling your own needs and wants; joy can also come from giving, donating, and volunteering for others. Millions of children in India live in the most dreadful situations and struggle to fulfill their basic needs.Even small acts of kindness and compassion can have a big impact on the lives of orphaned children on streets or orphanages. 

By showing compassion and support, you can make an optimistic change in their lives and help them live with dignity despite the challenges they face. Visit to discover NGOs for underprivileged, orphans, and vulnerable children.

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