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Adoption In India: Process & Why it Isn’t easy

Regarding the process and difficulties of adoption in India, it’s not easy. It takes almost 3 years to adopt a legally available child in India! Why is it so difficult to adopt a child in India?   

With more than 31 million orphans in India, it’s surprising that legally only 50000 are qualified for adoption. Why is the adoption process complicated in India?

Helplocal India, the unique NGO discovery platform, throws light on India’s adoption process and the difficulties faced in completing it.

adoption in india

Adoption in India: Process & Difficulties

Orphans are abandoned children. In India, when a child is found, they aren’t taken suddenly to orphanages or adoption centers. It’s a rigorous process through which the child finally reaches an orphanage or NGO.

You’d be surprised to know that in some cases, a legal child adoption may take up to 3 or more years!

Step 1

When someone wants to adopt a child, they have to fulfil and submit various documents to Central Adoption Resource Authority’s (CARA) website. It’s not a simple process.

Step 2

Once the file is verified, the data of eligible children for adoption is made available and shared with the proposed parent for selection. Once the prospect chooses a child, the matter is handed over to the district magistrate for further proceeding. 

Step 3

If all goes well, the adoption can be processed further, and a child can get sheltered in a new home with their new parents. There are still many PILs in the court to simplify the adoption process.

The adoption process is not that easy in India as there are some challenges that prospective parents often face during the entire journey of adoption.

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Why is Adoption Difficult in India?

As we said, child adoption in India is not that easy. Thousands of children are unable to get a family because their documentation is still underlying the requisite tests. 

Challenge 1

For example, millions of children have fled abusive parents. As their original parents are alive and they are minors, it becomes very difficult to get them a new family.

Challenge 2 

Most parents look for perfectly healthy children. If a child is suffering from physical or psychological deformities, the chances of getting them chosen become very less. Only 1% of differently-abled children were adopted in the past year.

Your search for where to donate toys comes to a halt here!

Challenge 3

People prefer children of young age and prime health for adoption. Children above 2 years of age have comparatively lesser chances of getting adopted. Therefore certain children are still lying in the orphanage despite being qualified.

Many children cannot get the love and care of their prospective parents as their documentation is incomplete. 

child adoption india

Suggested Adoption Reforms

Adoption in India is a difficult process. Some people have been waiting for 3 or more years even after documentation is complete. 

Here’s what Helplocal suggests to improve the adoption process in India:

  1. Adopting differently-abled children should be encouraged.
  2. The adoption process should be made transparent.
  3. The process should be made simpler and shorter.
  4. Paperwork of children should be completed before adoption.
  5. NGOs should be involved in the adoption process.

The adoption authorities connect with responsible non-profit organisations. NGOs play a vital role in helping underprivileged children. It’ll make the adoption process easier for both the child and the parent.

Conclusion: Adoption Process in India

Millions of children waiting at adoption centres and agencies deserve a better future with better families. We highly support that the adoption process should be made clearer, easier and quicker.

Agencies like Catalysts for Social Action (CSA) and other NGOs for Children in India are continuously forming adaptable measures to improve the current status of underprivileged children in India. 

These NGOs are making this world a better place for deprived children through active visits to orphanages, donating books and supplies, and providing education.

Do you run an NGO? Get it listed for free with Helplocal India. Drop us an email at, and we can start a chat.

Adopt a child: They are the future of our nation; they deserve the best!

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