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How to Support Someone with Depression & Anxiety? 5 Tips

World’s 3.8% population is affected by depression out of which 5% are adults. How to support someone with depression & anxiety? Finding an answer to this question can help millions overcome this mental illness.

Helplocal India shares some practical tips on how to support someone with anxiety and depression. Follow them and help someone overcome their fear, depression and anxiety.

How to support someone with depression: 5 Working Tips

Helping someone with depression can be challenging but following the right steps can help recover someone from depression.

It’s okay not to be okay

People dealing with depression fear the past, present and future. Doctors say that these behavioural patterns change from time to time. You may not understand exactly how a person suffering from depression feels but don’t ignore them!

Just be there for them without being judgemental. When finding an answer to how to support someone in depression, ‘being there’  is the beginning of the process.

how to support someone with depression

Let them be what they are

Depression and anxiety sometimes leads to bursts of emotions. Don’t force the person to control their feelings as it may worsen the situation. Instead, stay with them and observe. Say them that you are always there to help, no matter what.

Ask an anxious person if you could do anything that will calm down the anxiety or fear. Avoid saying ‘NO’ or ‘STOP’ as it may trigger something negative in the person’s mind.

Shift their focus

Depression and anxiety blocks one’s ability to think. You can lift the blinds for a person who is suffering from both. Encourage them to focus on things they can change. Their favourite habit can be the first one to start with. 

Tell them to let go of things they can’t control. When discovering how to support someone with depression and anxiety, a focus-shift can help improve the situation.

Educate yourself to help them

Learn things that can help overcome depression, fear and anxiety. Introduce yourself to literature, facts and findings that are helpful for someone who is dealing with depression. You can also sit and discuss the treatments that are helpful in overcoming depression. 

For example, CBT- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy greatly helps fighting and defeating depression. Discuss its benefits and the process with someone who is facing anxiety or depression. 

how to support someone with anxiety

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Educate them to not consume alcohol or drugs

Some people get confused with drugs and alcohol as a treatment for depression and anxiety. In fact people who consume them are more likely to fall under the category of people suffering from such disorders, ADAA suggests!

Guide a person who is in depression to not consume alcohol and other drugs. It may worsen the situation. 

How to support someone who is depressed will be easier if you suggest the above tips to a person fighting depression.

10 Common symptoms of depression and anxiety

If you’re not familiar much with depression and anxiety, begin with discovering the symptoms of depression. 

  1. If someone feels empty or hollow inside, it may be depression.
  2. Sadness and tearfulness depicts a form of depression.
  3. Frustration, anger and outburst over small issues is a sign of depression.
  4. If they lose interest in daily hobbies, it symbolises depression.
  5. Restlessness, agitation, anger are symbols of anxiety.
  6. Thought of suicide, previous attempts of suicide is severe depression. 
  7. If someone lives in guilt or worthlessness, they are suffering from depression.
  8. Sometimes depression leads to body aches, backaches, headaches etc. that are unexplainable.
  9. Change in appetite, too much weight gain or loss is a sign of depression.
  10. Insomnia and too much sleep is a form of depression.

These are the most common signs of depression and anxiety that can be discovered if you pay close attention to someone who is facing it. 

how to support people

Conclusion: How to support someone in depression?

Observe the behavioural pattern shifts in an individual and you’ll get a step closer to identifying depression and anxiety. By following the right methods you can help someone overcome it.

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