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Where to Donate toys in India: 5 Places to Giveaway Happiness

There are more than 147 million orphans (0-17 years) globally! Donating your used toys can bring smiles to the faces of the needy. Where to donate toys though can be tough to decide if you’re unaware of the right place to do charity.

Helplocal India is a platform for the rising Indian NGOs making this world a better place for the underprivileged children.

In this blog we’ll be sharing different places where you can donate your old toys.

Where to donate used toys: 5 legit ideas

When it comes to donating your old or new toys, here are the best venues to spread joy and happiness.

Roadside poor children

There’s a high probability of discovering poor children roaming across the streets in your town or city. Mostly beggars, children of hawkers and other poor labourers often attend their parents during their work.

It’s the best place to donate toys to the needy. If you have old but playable stuffed toys, you can donate them to the roadside children.

where to donate toys

A nearby basti

Several Indian cities are located not too far from the bastis. If you have a slum located near your home or office, you can donate your toys to the children living in that particular area. 

If you live in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh or other Indian metro cities, you may easily find a basti where you can donate your old toys.

A local NGO

NGOs are always up for donations in the form of charity or goodies. If you have an NGO nearby, pay a visit there and give toys to the NGO. Later on they can circulate the toys to the respective children.

NGOs are one of the safest places to deliver supplies as mostly they reach the desired person in time through an NGO.

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A nearby Orphanage

Almost every town or city has an orphanage. If you come across an orphanage that has children, it will be very generous to donate toys to that particular organisation.

If you’re searching where to donate toys, whether new or old, it’ll be a great choice to give them to an orphanage.

where to donate toys

A civil hospital

Nowadays every government hospital in India has a maternity ward that has a play area for children. You must be familiar with the situation that it lacks basic facilities, especially toys!

If you’re wondering where to donate old toys in India, a hospital would be one of the best places to begin the charity in 2023.

If you’re about to begin your charity journey in India, this is the right time. Donate your old toys and buy new ones if possible for donation. 

5 Unique NGOs for Children India where you can donate toys

A small contribution can bring smiles to the faces of several children. Begin your charity by donating at one of these unique Indian NGOS!

Nanhi Jaan, Chandigarh

Dedicated to children, Nanhi Jaan NGO is a government registered organisation dedicated to poor and underprivileged children. We highly recommend donating toys to the NGO if you want to begin the charity.

SK Children Foundation, Delhi

The NGO is working for underprivileged children. It’s an organisation dedicated to educate and mentor children by shaping their future. Become a part of SK Children Foundation by donating toys. 

where to donate used toys

World Vision India, Chennai

World Vision India is a 70 years old organisation catering to the needs of poor children. Adapting revolutionary ideas to teach, support and mentor poor children, the NGO is an inspiration for all.

The Umang Foundation, Pune

If you live in Pune and are searching where to donate toys in India, The Umang Foundation is a great place to begin charity. The organisation is making the lives of poor children worthy by imparting them education.

Fly Higher World, Bangalore

Fly Higher World is one of the most unique NGOS working for the betterment of the underprivileged children through education and financial support. Donate your toys here for the cause! 

Contribute towards the society by adopting these ways to help poor and needy in 2023!

Conclusion: Where to donate toys

There are millions of poor and orphans living in India. By your generosity and love, toy donation can bring joy to these unprivileged souls!

Team up with Helplocal India if you run an NGO. List it for free by sending a mail at Together we all can make this nation a liveable place for the underprivileged children.

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