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Leher , New Delhi

“Leher India” founded in 2013 with a vision to develop a local community engagement program that prevents children from being abused or exploited. Leher India believes that communities do have the capacity to find solutions to protect their children from chronic problems that include child labor and child marriage. This Delhi based childcare NGO believes that the State is not the only one responsible for child rights – everybody has to do their part in protecting the young and vulnerable citizens of India. Now, Leher is a part of India Alliance for Child Rights that represents a countrywide alliance of networks, NGOs, think tanks, activists, academia, working for the realization of the rights of children. This Delhi based NGO has done remarkable work in the field of child support in the past 5 years and keeps growing its network of support. Support LeherIndia with its work through monetary donations, supplies, and volunteer work.

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Official website: https://leher.org/

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"Services for children are limited, inaccessible, and lack quality. Leher India builds on the existing by assessing laws and services for loopholes, and looks for feasible solutions to tackle issues. We do this by undertaking research, training, and evaluation."

Support the team of Leher India by collaborating with them to improve the lives of thousands of children across Delhi and the rest of India. Donate money or supplies directly to Leher India to help the local charity in growing its support network. Volunteer with Leher India to work at ground level with this childcare NGO.

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Be the change you want to see by supporting location organizations in their efforts. Your smallest of help can start a ripple effect that can bring change around you. Support Leher India in changing the lives of thousands of thousands of children across the india.  

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