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Different Types of NonProfit Organizations in India: A Comprehensive List

There are various types of nonprofit organizations. Entities organized for charitable, educational, or social purposes rather than for profit are termed nonprofit organizations. They chase a specific goal and work in a way that helps the public.

The category of a nonprofit depends upon its purpose or function. A nonprofit organization also falls under the category of tax exemption. If you’re new to the concept, hold on with us! In this post, we’ll explore the different types of nonprofits.

Types of nonprofit organizations: 23 List 

Here are the most prominently found nonprofit organizations worldwide catering to different needs.

types of non profit

Charitable types of nonprofits

This nonprofit organization primarily deals with food distribution, medical supplies, animal welfare, and education. Amateur sports organizations and low-income housing organizations also fall under this category.

Social advocacy groups

When an organization works for the betterment of society, the organization is known as a nonprofit organization. These foundations help raise money for social causes like education and development.

Religious nonprofit organizations

Organizations that promote religious education are also exempted from taxes and are known as religious nonprofits. These organizations help people become aware of the codes and ethics of a particular religion or culture.

Agricultural type of nonprofit organizations

When a foundation works to develop agriculture or horticulture in an economy, it becomes a nonprofit. Farm bureaus, breeders, associations, rodeos, etc., are agricultural nonprofit organizations.

Teacher’s retirement fund associations

Not all teachers have a secure retirement. In many cases, some government teachers still wait to get their share of their pension. Teacher’s retirement fund associations help in paying retirement benefits to the teachers.

Social & recreational clubs

Clubs are created for recreational purposes. Here, the members can socialize and enjoy themselves. Sports leagues and clubs also fall under this category. These foundations only work for profits.

Nonprofits for labors

Most laborers in India lack education and therefore fail to fight for their rights when indeed. Nonprofit organizations help them get wages, help them during medical emergencies, and educate their children.

types of nonprofit organizations

Employee beneficiary organizations

Trade unions are prominent in large businesses. Have you heard about unions that are run in an organization? Its motive is nonprofit as it works to improve a particular organization’s workers’ lives.

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Finance corp organizations

This nonprofit helps someone in need by pool funding. Like a group of farmers pooling in a significant fund to help a member benefit from it when in need. The sole purpose of this type of nonprofit organization is to aid in a financial emergency.

Mutual insurance companies

Mutual insurance companies help the organization during a financial emergency. The nonprofit aids its members in cases of property damage and funeral expenses, etc.

Veterans organizations

These are the types of nonprofits where seniors and retired professionals receive help from their organizations. Retired armed forces members and people like them primarily benefit from this nonprofit.

Cooperative hospital service

Hospitals are running on donations. They serve people in need regardless of their financial and social status. These are also tax-exempt nonprofits that work for the betterment of society as a whole.

Health coverage nonprofit organisations

Government schemes like health cards etc., provide health insurance at a meager cost. High-risk individuals often get their health covered by medical companies. These nonprofit organizations are prominent in developing nations like India.

Here are 10 more nonprofit organizations

  1. Civil leagues non, profits
  2. Trade & professional associations
  3. Fraternal societies
  4. Cemetery companies
  5. Credit unions
  6. Cooperative organizations
  7. Apostolic associations
  8. Black lung benefit societies (for T.B.)
  9. Qualified legal service plans
  10. Supplemental employment benefit trusts

Regarding nonprofits in India, NGOs have played a vital role. Indian nonprofits support individuals, society, and our country’s flora and fauna.

different types of nonprofits

Conclusion: Types of nonprofit organizations

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