NGOs for Acid Attack Survivors in India

Acid attack ngo in india

In India, there have been over 1500 victims of acid found between 2014 and 2018 and numbers are not declining. Moreover, 90% of acid attack cases are seen in developing countries including Pakistan, Nepal, Uganda, and Bangladesh. Unfortunately, justice alone cannot provide peace in such cruel and violent acts, as the survivor has to forever carry the marks of the incident which affect their lifetime.

Thankfully, some NGOs in India are working to bring a ray of hope among the acid attack survivors. Still, some people are not aware of them. That’s why we decided to curate this post sharing the list of top NGOs working for acid attack survivors in India. 

NGOs for acid attack survivors in India

Below are the top NGOs of India working for the acid attack survivors. 

Acid attack ngo in india

Chhanv Foundation

This non-profit organization works as a one point center for all kinds of help needed for acid attack survivors. Chhanv Foundation’s approach to build a deeper understanding on the issue of acid attacks.

Address: House No – 152 B Block Sector 46 Noida

Email: stopacidattacks@gmail.com

Contact number:     +91 9717900302

Meer Foundation

Founded by Bollywood Celebrity Shah Rukh Khan in 2013, Meer Foundation is a Mumbai-based non-profit organization working for the rehabilitation of acid attack survivors. This NGO works on multiple fronts with different stakeholders to build a world that empowers women and brings society together. 

Address: BackStage, Plot No. 612, 15th Road, Junction of Ramkrishna Mission Road, Santacruz West, Mumbai

Email: info@meerfoundation.org

Acid attack ngo in india

Make Love Not Scars

Ria Sharma is the Founder and President of non profit organization Make Love Not Scars. She founded this NGO when she was just 21 years old and studying at Leeds Arts university in the UK. This NGO aims to provide dignity and independence to acid attack survivors through medical, legal, educational, vocational, psychological rehabilitation. 

Address: 42, Old M B Road, Chatri Wala Kuan, Lado Sarai, New Delhi

Email:  info@makelovenotscars.org

Contact number: 011 4109 9859

Without proper knowledge it is hard to aid acid attack survivors. Below tips will help you provide emergency medical care in case of an acid attack.

Tips to help acid attack survivors

  • Rinse the affected area with fresh water for a minimum 20 minutes to disperse the chemicals and arrest the burning and melting of the skin.
  • Take off clothes and jewelry worn by the acid attack victim at the earliest. This will help you in stopping any adverse chemical reaction from taking place.
  • Eyes are very sensitive and need more care. Stop the survivor from rubbing or touching their eyes as it might worsen the condition. Gently pour fresh water on the eyes of acid attack survivors. 
  • Don’t apply any type of antiseptic cream or bandage on the burnt skin as it will delay the standard treatment procedure by the doctors. 
  • Offer mental support to the victims as they would be going through intense pain during the treatment. 
  • Immediately call an ambulance to take the acid attack survivor to the hospital.
Acid attack ngo in india

Acid attack survivor NGOs in India

The above post will help you learn about the top NGOs working for acid attack survivors in India and tips to give them emergency medical care. Educate your family members and friends to volunteer and donate in non profit organizations to make India a better place for living.

If you wish to make a positive change in society through individual or collaborative effort. Volunteer with or donate in any form to non-profit organizations working to curb drug addiction and helping addicts rebuild their lives. 

Visit Helplocal.in to connect with NGOs working for various social causes in India. 

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