8 Best Games to Play With Your Dogs

Are you looking for unique games to play with your dog? We all know dogs are fascinating creatures who love to hop and play around. There are a lot of fun games to play with your furry friends besides fetching the bone.

On that note, Helplocal – an NGO discovery platform in India – brings some unique and fun games that you can play with your dogs inside and outdoors. Read on!

Hidden treasure

Dogs have a sound sense of smell. On average, their receptors are 45 times more than us humans. Dogs love to hunt, especially treats. Hide their favorite snack and let them search for it.

The next time you want to play games with your dog, a treasure hunt is one of the most interesting things, to begin with.

games to play with your dog

Tug of war

Dogs are born athletes; at least most of the breeds are! If you own a German shepherd, Labrador, or husky, tug of war is a sport your canine friend would love to do.

Remember that the game ends when your dog’s teeth touch your hand. This game involves strength and is a fun exercise for the dogs. 

Obstacle course

Keep things in their way that makes them jump, crawl or leap. When playing with your dog, let them cross an obstacle course. In the beginning, they might find it difficult, but with practice, it gets better.

An easy DIY course can be made from household items, including a broom, chair, table or rugged toys.

Play frisbee

The game of frisbee is a great game to play with your dog. Like fetching the bone, a frisbee is a sporty challenge for dogs who like to burn calories. Take your dog out for a stretch if you have a barn or a garden.

As every dog has a natural drive to chase, a game of frisbee is undoubtedly worth playing.

games to play with your pet dog

Cardio twist

If you want to improve your dog’s agility and want the process to be stress-free, the cardio twist is a game not-to-be-ignored. The sport involves placing poles at a short distance, and the dog swiftly runs between them.

This session will be a great fat burner if your dog is lousy. This game is the perfect warm-up for dogs who love to play games.

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Food dispensing toys

Dogs are foody! Most of us know that, but what about making their snack more interesting? Place their favorite snack in a dispensing toy, and you can quickly enjoy them playing with the dispenser. 

At first, they might find it confusing, but with practice, the food dispensing toy will become their favorite game.

Digging box

Dogs are born explorers. A digging box is the best choice when looking for interesting games to play with your dog. Place their treat at the bottom and leave them searching for it.

Games need not be complicated but interesting; that’s the secret of any game you want to play with your pet dogs. 

TikTok and Instagram are full of videos where pet owners play hide and seek with their dogs. Dogs love their hoomans; when you aren’t in sight, your dog will do anything to find you.

Hide & Seek

The next time you look for games to play with your dog inside, don’t miss the fun of playing hide and seek.

games to play with dog

Conclusion: Games to play with your dog

Dogs love to play games, and if you own or love dogs, you must spend time with them playing. Whether hidden and seek, digging or a treasure hunt, these games keep dogs happy and stress-free.

Above all, sports are good for dogs and humans too! The next time you see your dog wagging its tail, treat them with a fun game. All they need is your attention, love and care.

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