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21 Ways to Help the Poor and Needy: Checklist

ways to help the poor and needy

In 2022 GHI ranked India 107th out of the 121 countries with a low score of 29.1. Are you concerned with the situation but stuck with not more than 10 ways to help the poor & needy?

Discovering new ways to help the poor is a must as poverty is rising in the developing nations like the India.

Helplocal India – NGO discovery platform in India – shares 21 ways to help the poor and needy.

Discovering more than 10 ways to help the poor: Checklist

One more family member

When buying groceries or clothes for yourself also buy some for the poor. Buying ration, clothing etc for the needy is an act of kindness towards them.

Earn high to donate more

Stay financially strong if you want to help the poor and needy. You can’t support others financially if you’re not sound financially personally.

Buy or donate old books

Buy books for the poor. Don’t have enough money to support the poor & needy financially? Donate your old books to the poor children and help them study.

Overcome religious boundaries

When trying to help the poor don’t limit to your own religion. Do charity for everyone. It’s a great step towards helping the poor and needy.

Educate unprivileged children 

Education is the  biggest charity you can give to a child. Teach kids by giving them free education. It’s the right of every child whether they are rich or poor.

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Commit to everyday charity

Donate your old (not torn) clothes and belongings to the needy. This act will help you to cover one more way to help the poor and needy.  

ways to help the poor and needy

Donate food to needy 

At times an ample proportion of the food is left unused in social gatherings. In spite of throwing it away, feed the poor and collect their blessings.

Support poor in obtaining justice

Help in making this society equal for all. Help the poor get justice and equal treatment like the others. You’ll get closer to more than 10 ways to help the poor.

Support poor in their work

Buy from the local small vendors and suggest your friends too. Your small financial help might be a huge backup for a small, local business.

Encourage your family to charity

Encourage your family members, especially your parents to join the charity. Ask them to donate clothes or food to the poor. It’ll help the poor & needy. 

Help an unprivileged get married

Fulfil your dream to find more than 10 ways to help the poor by helping a poor girl get married. It’ll reduce the financial burden on her family.

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Offer jobs to the needy

Create jobs for the needy and the poor. A job will help them develop their confidence, personality and over all their self esteem.

Be humble- 10 ways to help the poor

There are more than a 100 ways to help the poor & needy. Being humble is one of them. Everyone makes mistakes including the poor. Be nice to the poor!

Develop hygiene & sanitation

The poor often face hygiene and sanitation issues. Building toilets and bathrooms are two of the most effective ways to help the  poor and needy.

ways to help the poor and needy

Free medical services

Are you a doctor and want to help the poor? Team up with your professional friends and organise charity health camps for the poor & needy.

Bring awareness through acts & plays

Poverty breeds illiteracy! Street plays, songs and visits to their locality will help them stay aware with the new governmental policies, schemes etc.

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Expand your social circle

Find different ways to help the poor and needy. Build links with socially aware and helpful people. Team up with them to help the poor and needy. 

Leverage social media

Social media creates a high impact on society. Stay connected to social media and exchange knowledge and news regularly. 

Start a fundraiser

Do you want to help the poor and needy financially? Start a fundraiser campaign and aid the poor by the accumulated funds from the event.

Volunteer a NGO event

Working for NGOs through voluntary programs is a great way to support the poor and needy. It’ll help you gain experience in social work.

Attend demonstration awareness rallies

Block parties and parades are a good option to participate in. Demonstration rallies helps you create awareness and help fight poverty in your community

10 ways to help the poor

Conclusion- 21 ways to help the poor

Social work pays off and if you have empathy towards the unprivileged, this is the time to step out of your comfort zone and work for a cause.

Follow the above ways to help the poor and needy and help in bulding a better India. Do you run a NGO? Register for free with Helplocal India. Send your queries to  

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