Physically Challenged People

Simple Ways to Help Physically Challenged People

physically challenged person

The United Nations has observed December 3 as the International Day of Disabled Persons. They celebrate this day to show their love and care for physically challenged people.

Disabled people are those who have a mental or physical impairment that has a long-term adverse effect on their ability to do normal things like others. In some cases, they depend on others for their daily needs and people love to help them.

Some people are not aware of the right steps to help them. That’s why Helplocal decided to create this post to share simple ways to help physically challenged persons.

physically challenged person

In this post, we will share tips and ideas to help mentally and physically disabled people.

Let’s start!

Help disabled people

The below points will help you learn the best ways to help differently-abled persons.

Ask before offering help

Every disabled person might not always needs your help. First learn to treat them equally and always ask before offering help to make sure they feel comfortable while taking help from you. Understand how you can assist in their needs. 

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Respect their space

Some physically challenged persons love their personal space and don’t like anyone touching their body part without their permission. Always knock on their door before entering their room and take permission from them before moving their wheelchair.

physically challenged person

Give them confidence

Some physically disabled people suffer from a lack of confidence due to their disability. Avoid staring at them and don’t show your sympathy towards them as this can put a negative effect on their self-confidence. If you are talking to a person in a wheelchair, sit down and talk to them face to face.

Be respectful

While meeting a person with a physical or mental disability, use respectful words and actions to treat them. Always offer a handshake while meeting disabled people to show respect to them. Make sure you are not talking about their disability while talking to them.

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Speak and listen

If you have any differently-abled person near you, try to use simple words to help them understand easily. Avoid using complex words and explain to them clearly if they are struggling to understand your words. If they are struggling to complete their sentence, don’t try to interrupt them by completing their sentence.

physically challenged person

Donate to NGOs of Disabled 

One of the best ways to show your love towards the disabled people is by donating food, clothes, and money to NGOs for differently-abled. Search online to find NGOs near you to donate. Talk to the NGO to learn more about them before donating.

Volunteer in NGO

NGOs play a major role in improving the life of disabled people. They give proper care to differently-abled people. Volunteering in a disabled NGO will help you learn more about them and show your love and care for them. Find an NGO near you and join them as a team member to help physically challenged people.

physically challenged person

Create awareness

Create awareness about how to help disabled people. Run surveys and meet people face to face to help others understand the needs of differently-abled people. Creating awareness will also motivate them to help physically challenged people. 

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Create disability-friendly spaces

All of us have seen spaces for disabled people in many public places to provide them every facility. Make ramps to help disabled people visit every place easily without taking help from others. This will give them confidence and will show that everyone is equal.

physically challenged person

Follow the above simple ways to help people with physical and mental disabilities. Some people trying to help differently-abled people often made the mistake of hurting their feelings. It is best to learn what to avoid while meeting a physically challenged person.

Things to avoid

Always make sure you are avoiding the below things while meeting a disabled person.

  • Avoid staring at them.
  • Never ignore a disabled person.
  • Don’t ask questions about their disability
  • Avoid talking loudly
  • Never laugh at them
  • Don’t compare them with yourself.
  • Don’t touch their disabled part
  • Avoid helping them without asking.
physically challenged person

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