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How To Become a Social Activist in India: Everything You Need To Know

how to become a social activist

So you have decided to become a social activist? That’s great. There are only a bunch of people in India who think out of the box and do something good for the welfare of our society. But if you think you’ve got to cover yourself in paint, throw yourself on the ground and remove your birthday suit to be a social activist, think again. 

Becoming a social activist is nothing like that. Often, people get the wrong idea about this term. If you also want to know the actual meaning of a social worker and want to become one in India, keep reading further. 

In this blog, Helplocal will tell you everything about a social activist – definition and tips on how to become one. Learning about them will help you become a 21st century social worker and make a difference in society, even if it is by a bit. 

Learn us understand the true meaning of social activist, first! 

Who is a social activist? 

Social activists are professionals who aim to boost overall well-being and help meet basic and complex requirements of Indian communities and other people. Also called social workers, they work with different types of people, particularly focusing on those who are vulnerable, harassed and living in poverty in India.   

Some social workers also play a major role in cleaning the environment. Every person may have a different cause for becoming a social activist, but they all have a major goal of making India a better place to live. Anyone can become a social activist, be it a teenager, adult or elder. 

how to become a social activist

Social activist commitments 

Now that you have more clarity on social activist’s definition, the next step is to learn the commitments. Social workers often fine-tune their practice with a focus on a level of invasions and types of communities they wish to serve. They are committed to the pursuit and maintenance of human well-being. Social activists aim to maximize the development of human potential and the fulfillment of human needs in India by:

  • Upholding Indian people’s interests and rights. 
  • Working with individuals, groups and communities in the pursuit and achievement of fair access to social, economic and political resources.
  • Providing assistance to improve the well-being of clients. (Clients are basically individuals, families, groups, communities, organisations and societies, especially those who are neglected, vulnerable, disadvantaged or have exceptional needs).
  • Raising awareness of structural inequities.
  • Promoting policies and practices that achieve a fair allocation of social resources.
  • Acting to bring about social change to reduce social barriers, inequality and injustice.

We hope you clearly understand commitments of a social activist towards Indian society. Now let us discuss the ways of how one can become a social activist in India. 

How to become a social activist in India?

The following are the ways to becoming a social worker in India: 

#1 Understand the cause

First things first, learn what it means to be a social activist. Discover the surrounding cause that makes you think you want to become a part of activism. Do thorough research on that cause. The best social activist is an informed one, and it is only by having sound information that you will convince people that your cause is worthwhile.

how to become a social activist

#2 Educate yourself 

As we said, You won’t know what’s going on in the world of human rights unless you do some research. Read, check out documentaries, listen to podcasts released by NGOs and famous social activists. Whatever you can do to learn the most that you can about your cause will only help to make you a better social worker by giving you the knowledge you need to educate others and ignite change.

#3 Use social platforms 

Social platforms have become the major aspect to spread awareness in India. Professional social activists use communication technology like text messaging, blogging, Twitter, and Facebook to help bring about social change. It could become your weapon, too. 

Use these platforms to get in touch with the local NGOs in India. Post daily updates related to the work you are doing as a social activist. Read daily updates of NGOs of India to motivate yourself for your cause.

#4 Share thoughts 

Never miss the chance of sharing your thoughts and interests with people around you. Who knows, a person sitting next to you might get motivated by your social work and join you in making the society a better place. Just don’t feel shy and give up on your good thoughts! 

how to become a social activist

#5 Volunteer in NGOs 

One of the most important tips to successfully become a social activist in India is to volunteer in small and local NGOs. It will offer wonderful opportunities to network and gain knowledge and experience. By helping a social activist community whose work you admire, you’ll learn more about your chosen cause and make valuable connections with those interested in the same things that you are.

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#6 Donate

Another thing you can do on your journey to becoming a successful social activist in India is to donate money, even if the amount is small. Hand out money to the cause you care about, write letters, and sign petitions. We know these small steps may seem insignificant, but they are a significant starting point and could make a difference for the people that are affected.  

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#7 Maintain a support network 

Standing up for human rights all by yourself can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Imagine you are trying to raise a fund for helping the poor in India, but fail miserably because of lack of support. How would you feel? Bad, of course! 

To avoid such a situation, you need to build a support network. Surround yourself with people who are ready to help you out through hard feelings. You should also memorize phone numbers in case you are ever arrested at an event or lose your phone. 

Fighting for human rights in India can feel daunting, so prepare for opposition, stay organized, and stay sharp.

Donate money to old age homes in Delhi NCR for human welfare.

#8 Stand up to oppression and discrimination 

Last and most important tip, stand up to oppression and discrimination when you see it. That is the core duty of a social activist. Whenever you see injustices in real time, just stand up. Remember, it can sometimes be scary, and speaking against the wrong might even cost your relationships with friends or family.  

Always think twice of how you are going to stand up based on the situation. Also, determine what your end goal is. Is it to change third-person’s perspective? Or is to show victims of oppression that they aren’t alone?

Final words

The above tips will help you become a social activist in India. Becoming a social worker and fighting for a change is certainly not always an easy task, but you should never give up as rewards far outweigh the downfalls. You can make your voice heard by participating in volunteering in Helplocal. 

We are trying hard to provide a platform to the Indian NGOs so that they can find people who are facing discrimination and injustice in our society. In case of queries, email us at Our team of experts will be ready to help you out!  
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