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How to Start an NGO in India? 9 Vital Points to Consider

How to start an NGO in India? Stats say that there is 1 NGO per 400 people in India. There is a broad scope for you if you want to start your own non-profit organization in India.

Establishing an NGO is not that hard in our country, and you can follow some simple steps to get your NGO functioning. All you need is to work for the welfare of the cause; you have started an NGO.  

Here are the most important steps to follow when starting your NGO in India!

how to start an NGO

How to start an NGO in India? Steps to follow

These 9 steps will help you form and run an NGO successfully.

Discover your passion

What drives you to start an NGO in India? Do you want to help the differently-abled, or do you want to uplift the underprivileged? Is it love for children, animals, or elders? 

Seek answers to these questions, and when found, you can proceed to the next step in forming a non-profit organization.

Search for people like you

NGO is a team effort. If you wish to establish a functional organization that caters to the needs of your vision, fill in your team. Add passionate and positive people to your team.

Choose wisely! Some people are great at management, while some do great in administration. 

Setup legal representatives

Once you finalize your team, proceed with setting up the legal representatives for your NGO in India. Tax concerts, legal formalities, etc., will be taken care of by someone who has knowledge of the law.

Choose a lawyer with expertise in your field, as there are various things that only your legal representative will be handling.

Name your NGO

If you want to run an NGO, it must have a name. Choose a name that matches your NGOs vibes. Words related to your NGOs goals will help your NGO be recognized by its name.

For example, if you wish to run an NGO for dogs, you may name it ‘ Happy Paws’ or ‘Furry Friends NGO.’ 

how to start ngo

How to start an NGO: Drafting

Once the name is finalized, it’s time to draft your NGO. Articles of incorporation are very essential documents. It displays the legal description and view of your organization.

Before you register your NGO, drafting is a must to be done. All important details, like members, capital, etc., are to be mentioned here.

Register your NGO

There are registered as well as non-registered NGOs functioning in India. If you want to get your NGO represented nationally and internationally by the government, get your NGO registered.

Do thorough research about the concerned authorities and get your NGO registered before moving on to the next step.

Begin Fundraising

Fundraisers are the fuel of any NGO. When starting your NGO in India and boggled with thoughts of acquiring funds, Start fundraising events by approaching loans, grants, individual memberships, etc.

Cash inflow is a must if your NGO has to work without any halt. Therefore, approach people and organizations who voluntarily donate.

Learn about creating a donation page for NGO!

How to set up NGO: Networking

When fundraising for your NGO in India, develop friendly contact with people and organizations. Attend seminars, public rallies, and gatherings for similar causes.

The more you meet with people, the more your network grows. This ultimately will lead to better relations and funding possibilities.

Begin the project

Funding was acquired, and now it’s time to start working. Begin on the goals you’ve created for your NGO, and as you process, you’ll improve daily. Work with full dedication and mindfulness.

Think of your NGO as a career and pursue it passionately. In the beginning, you’ll be a small group, but as time passes, the NGO will potentially expand globally. 

how to start an NGO in India

Conclusion: How to start an NGO in India?

Follow the above steps wisely, and don’t hesitate to ask the experts when in doubt. If you give your 100% to your NGO, your NGO will grow and spread its wings beyond imagination.

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