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How to Raise Funds for NGO: 11 Fundraising Techniques!

How to raise funds for ngo

There are thousands of NGOs active across India. While big ones get the funding they need to grow, small ones often struggle with fundraising.  That’s why Helplocal decided to create this post! 

Use our ‘how to raise funds for NGO’ guide to discover unique fundraising techniques and increase your monthly donations. Also included are unique tips, ideas, and hacks to help NGOs raise maximum support!

Let’s start!

Know your needs

Before trying to answer ‘how to raise funds for your NGO’, it is important to understand why you need funds and where you will be spending them. Imagine you find a donor and they ask you where they will be spent only to realize that you have not prepared an answer! 

So, it is important to make thorough documentation of where you want to spend after getting funds. Modern donors appreciate transparency and support NGOs that work with a plan. So, know your needs and document them as comprehensively as possible. 


There is simply no dearth of kind hearted souls out there who love to support good causes when they discover them. If you are working on a cause that requires big funding, then, you can channel local crowdfunding websites. In India, Wishberry, Ketto, and Milaap  are some popular channels to raise funding. 

If you wish to raise money from international donors, then, Kickstarter, Gofundme, and Rockethub are some popular names. Search and find the relevant crowdfunding websites. Make sure you have added all the necessary details to help donors learn more about your NGO!

How to raise funds for ngo

Social media

There are over 3.80 billion social media users worldwide. Therefore, social media can be a great place to start your fundraising drive. Create NGO donation pages on top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to represent your NGO to more donors. 

It greatly helps to document your goal and put the story out there. Tell people about your aim and how you are working on it. Share your recent activities to help donors make their mind about donating to your NGO. This is how hundreds of NGOs are raising money online!


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Meet face to face

This is a time tested fundraising technique that is used across the globe. Meeting donors face to face gives you the advantage of telling your story and goals personally. Note down all the important points which you want to explain to donors while meeting. 

Reaching out to business owners and emerging organizations to support your fundraising efforts greatly helps in increasing the overall funding since they have predefined CSR budgets. A simple fundraising technique to raise more money!

How to raise funds for ngo

Thank your donors

Your donors deserve recognition for sparing time, money, and resources for your nonprofit. Here are some popular ways to recognize efforts of your patrons: 

  • Personal Thank You letters 
  • Shoutouts on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook
  • Feature on website or blog 
  • Recognition at a social event 
  • Wishes during festivals and special days 

Remember, the money you spend to recognize your patrons doesn’t matter. Just try to make them feel special and appreciated to keep their good samaritan alive! 

This is how the biggest NGOs in the world keep getting funding and support from their donors.

Make donation easy

A lot of times, donors want to support NGOs but the process is too complex to go ahead. That’s why dedicating time and effort to simplify donation can greatly help. 

If you don’t have a website, get a website first to provide your donors with a virtual place to learn about your NGO and accomplishments. Add a donate button at the top of the website to help donors easily find the option of donation. 

Share your bank details and every payment option on the donate page as well. Don’t have time and money for the website? Start accepting donations through platforms like Patreon and Razorpay.


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Stay active all the time

You are accepting donations to help people and communities that require support. And donors love to see how the money, supplies, and support that are providing is making a change at the ground level. That’s why stay active in sharing NGO activities, initiatives, and impact news. 

Wondering how this qualifies as an NGO fundraising technique? Well, this will promote sharing on social media and motivate others to donate to your NGO or join as a volunteer. So, staying active has huge rewards in the long run!

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Another long term way to raise capital for nonprofits!

Take help from friends and family 

This is a simple yet fast way to raise funds for your NGO! You are raising funds for a good purpose. So, it makes perfect sense to take help from your family, friends (real and virtual), and business network to reach more donors and volunteers. 

Ask your social circle to talk about your NGO with their friends and family to attract willing donors and supporters. LinkedIn is a powerful place to reach your personal network for NGO funds. This is how new NGOs do fundraising at the initial stages!

How to raise funds for ngo

Partner with other NGOs

Every NGO has a unique vision. Some want to make a change for a small reason while others want to impact a bigger territory. Some want to fight hunger while others want to support underprivileged communities. But at the end of the day, all of us are here to help others. Therefore, partnering with other NGOs makes perfect sense for fundraising. 

Every NGO has its own network of donors, supporters, and well wishers. It is perfectly possible that some of them would love to fund or volunteer with you!

Build strong relationships

Happy donors and volunteers love to talk about the work they are doing and this usually leads to more donors and volunteers. They share their work on social media, talk to their friends about it, and keep looking for opportunities to get more involved. Therefore, invest in strengthening relations with your donors as well as volunteers. 

Example? Robinhood Army recently started a women safety program to make their women volunteers feel safe while participating in drives. 

Our NGO fundraising guide ends here!

Above NGO fundraising techniques, tips, ideas, and hacks will help you raise funds for your NGO in the short as well as long run. 

Did we miss out an important way to raise funding for an NGO? Tell us in the comments and we will include the same!

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