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7 Animal Welfare NGOs in Jaipur to Volunteer & Donate

animal welfare NGO in Jaipur

A lot of animal welfare NGOs located in Jaipur are working hard to provide aid, shelter, medical support, and help to animals. But Jaipur based animal lovers often find it hard to discover local animal rescue and support organizations. This is where we come in. 

Helplocal is working around the clock to help people discover local NGOs in Jaipur and also the rest of India. In this blog, Helplocal is featuring the best animal welfare organizations of Jaipur to help animal lovers volunteer and support.

Best animal welfare NGOs in Jaipur

Let’s start with our list of top animal welfare NGOs of the Jaipur region!

Hope and Beyond Wildlife Rescue, Jaipur

Hope and Beyond is a wildlife rescue and welfare NGO based in Jaipur. Over 200 volunteers are closely working with this local NGO in Jaipur to provide help and aid to wild animals like snakes. 

Hope and Beyond NGO, Jaipur have rescued more than 7000 wildlife animals and reptiles since its inception. Connect with Hope and Beyond to become part of their team.

Please note that this NGO doesn’t rescue dogs, cats, cows or other stray animals.

Address: B-20, Radha Vihar, New Sanganer Road Sodhala, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302019


Contact: +918239 939929

animal welfare NGO in Jaipur

Raksha NGO, Jaipur

Raksha Jaipur is located at Malviya Nagar, Jaipur. It is a youth-based organization created for the protection of birds, reptiles, and other wild animals. This local animal welfare NGO is run by a small group of individuals to improve the health and welfare of animals. Their aim is to protect the environment by helping animals in the Rajasthan region.

Connect with Raksha, Jaipur to become a volunteer and work at the ground level to help and aid local wildlife.  

Address: E4, Siddarth Nagar, Malviya Nagar Jaipur, Rajasthan, India 302001


Contact: 098285 00065

Help in Suffering (HIS), Jaipur

Help in Suffering NGO is located at Durgapura, Jaipur, and was founded in 1980 on 2 acres of land. This animal welfare NGO is a registered Indian charitable trust for animals with 3 rescue ambulances and 2 mobile clinic vehicles. They offer visitors to see their hospitals to spread awareness to help animals. 

Work with this Jaipur based animal rescue and help organization to save and feed strays. 

Address: Maharani Farm – Durgapura Jaipur, Rajasthan, India 302018


Contact: 081072 99711

animal welfare NGO in Jaipur

Help Suffering Lives Society (HSLS)

Help Suffering Lives Society is located at M.I Road Jaipur. This animal help NGO was founded in 2009 to contribute to animal welfare and later on started supporting less privileged people as well. They have a group of volunteers that work to help animals like birds, stray dogs, cats, cows and other animals. 

Their aim is to help animals and seniors surviving in the streets or wild in Jaipur region. 

Address: C/o 80 Link Road Jalupura, M.I. Road, Jaipur, India        


Contact: +91-141-5105207

Jaipur Animal Welfare Association

Jaipur Animal Welfare Association aims to educate villagers about animal welfare and the best ways to keep the animals. This animal welfare NGO in Jaipur makes people aware of the caring and treatment requirements of the animals.

Jaipur Animal Welfare Association is a renowned non-profit that has been running an animal welfare NGO in Jaipur for many years now. Connect with them to request volunteer opportunities. 

Contact: (+91) 8875333357 

animal welfare NGO in Jaipur

Discover local animal welfare NGOs near you to donate and support

FIAPO, Jaipur 

The Federation of Indian Animal Protection was founded in 2010 but they started their journey in 2007 in Asia for Animals Conference. This animal welfare NGO came up with the unique idea of helping other animal rescues and welfare organizations grow. 

FIAPO currently has over 120 members and 200 support organizations that are committed to animal aid and help. This NGO is active in over 40 cities including Jaipur.

Contact: +11-410 72945

Ashray Rescue & Relief Shelter, Jaipur 

Ashray Rescue and Relief Shelter is situated at Niwaru Road, Jaipur. This animal relief NGO is run by a group of young volunteers who pool time and money to rescue street dogs and support them with food, water, and medical help. 

This local NGO of Jaipur depends majorly on volunteer support to operate. Hence, work with this animal aid charity to support local non profits.

Contact: +91 85610 44444

Learn what Helplocal is all about and why it matters

If you don’t have the time to be part of an animal welfare NGO full-time, there are many other ways to show your love to the stray cats, dogs, cows, and wildlife. 

Here are unique tips and ideas to support stray animals:

  • Prefer adopting a stray in comparison to buying an exotic one.
  • Feed dogs and cows who look weak. Carry biscuits in your car to feed one when you see one.  
  • Donate to small local NGOs to empower and support them 

Work with animal welfare NGOs of Jaipur

Above are the best animal rescue NGOs in Jaipur but these are not the only ones! If you know a local animal rescue and aid non-profit, tell us about the same and we will help it to connect with volunteers and donors. 

Helplocal is trying to bring together local NGOs of India to simplify volunteer work, donations, and awareness. Email us at to collaborate with us to make a difference at a local level. 

Follow Helplocal on Instagram to support us by spreading the word. 

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24 thoughts on “7 Animal Welfare NGOs in Jaipur to Volunteer & Donate

  1. I found a puppy with paralyzed back legs in dechu, is any one near dechu area volunteer for this organisation, pls help this little life

  2. I have last night packed up a female dog age about three months wondering and frightened, haunted by the dogs its now under my protection how can I send it to some shelter home or to which organisation. Pl help.
    My cont No 9829590793

  3. Animals are the creators of our planet so we have to saved their life because they all are in dengerous problems they have no house no meals and no safe life so,we want to help them and saves their life.Its our human duty and it is our actual karma.

  4. I have 7 guinea pigs.(5 females and 2 males)
    I want to donate them please if anyone is interested,then please update…

  5. I call every NGO listed here to rescue a cat but everyone denied to do so. Most of them asked me to contact ‘help in suffering’.
    A injured cat visits my home in lal kothi, Jaipur who keep making crying sound at night. I gave her some milk and available household food temporarily. She is limping as she can’t use one leg. I can’t handle her as she is poop in free space of my home. She comes back again and again after I scare her and constantly meows.
    I also called ‘help in suffering’ but they are also not helping me. I don’t know what to do.

    1. You can handover to animal rescue team in Jaipur. Or also you can give the cat to NGOs that are working to give new lives to the animals. Below is the list of NGOs working on it
      Hope and Beyond Wildlife Rescue, Jaipur
      Help Suffering Lives Society , Jaipur
      Help in Suffering, Jaipur
      Raksha , Jaipur

  6. Hlo Mai Jaipur kalwar road se bol Rhi hu mre ghr ke pass ek dog hai 6 month paralysis hai walking vi Nhi kar paarha maine bhiiy ngo se bth ki koi lne ko ready nhi hai please koi uski Hlp kro nd wo breed dog hai wo bimar hua toh unke owner ne usko chor diya please hlp

  7. I call every NGO listed here to rescue a dog but everyone denied to do so.I found a dog with paralyzed back legs in vatika , Jaipur

  8. I wanted to thank you for this fantastic read!! I definitely loved every little bit of it.

    I have you book-marked to check out new things you post…

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