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Tips to Save Environment from Global Warming

global warming solutions

Every year, the environment is getting hotter, the planet is becoming warmer, and the glaciers are melting. Now is the high time to make some important decisions to save the environment from global warming. Some people are not aware of how to take the right steps to save the environment. That’s why we created this post to share the best tips to help people learn everything about global warming.

In this blog, we will tell you some tips to slow down global warming. We also listed some of the best NGOs for environment

global warming solutions

Tips to save the environment from global warming 

Below tips will help you save the environment from global warming. 

Drive less

Air pollution is one of the major causes behind global warming and many health problems. The smoke coming out of our vehicles causes air pollution. So, it is best to opt for electric vehicles to reduce harmful pollutants from spreading.

Use solar systems

In the past years, solar systems have gained immense popularity due to its long-term benefits at economical costs. They are considered as one of the best ways to produce electricity without harming the environment.

global warming solutions

3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Every year, tonnes of plastic waste kills millions of marine animals and ruins aquatic life. Using recyclable items can reduce the water pollution to a great extent. To save the environment, we need to reduce the use of plastic bags and bottles to save the environment.

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Turn off electrical appliances

Power used in electronic appliances is made of non-renewable sources like fuel. Make a habit of turning off all electrical appliances when they are not in use to save the environment. This way we can save a lot of power consumption, hence saving electricity. 

Save water

The water of the sea is going below its level down every year so it is important to save water for future generations. Take shorter showers to reduce water consumption. For watering plants, use waste water that comes off washing of food items. Use a water efficient sprinkler and drip irrigation for your garden.

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Don’t cut trees

Trees emit oxygen and use carbon dioxide – we can’t live without oxygen and by using carbon dioxide, trees help rid of some CO2 harmful gases. Cutting trees down causes loss of animal habitat, which sometimes makes certain animals migrate to another area (not their natural habitat) and disrupts the ecosystem there. 

global warming solutions

Use renewable energy

Most of our electricity that we use today comes from non-renewable power plants. Thus, producing energy from these sources can deplete the environment, pollute the air, land and water. So, it has become important to use renewable energy sources with fewer environmental impacts.  

Avoid using AC

Air conditioners release hot air into the atmosphere known as HFCs that represents a small portion of total greenhouse gas emissions, but they trap thousands of times as much heat in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide.

which harms the environment. It is OKAY to use air conditioners occasionally to stop global warming. 

Spread awareness

Social media platforms are the best way to spread awareness about global warming. Speak up with your friends and family members to share the best ways to save the environment. 

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global warming solutions

NGOs play a major role in saving the environment to stop global warming. Below listed are the top NGOs of India working for global warming cause.

Top NGOs to save the environment 

Healing Himalayas, Gurugram

Founded in 2016, Healing Himalayas was created to preserve the Himalayas. They work hard day and night to clean every single spot of the Himalayas. Healing Himalayas aim is to protect the environment, wildlife, and people.

Address: B-302, Pioneer Urban Square, Sector 62, Gurugram, Haryana

Contact No: +919278626960

Chintan, New Delhi

Chintan NGO was founded by  Bharati Chaturvedi to reduce waste. They have been working for more than 2 decades to save enviornment. This organisation has also set up Safai Sena, a team of cleaners. Chintan manages over  30 tons of solid and electronic waste every day in the Delhi region.

Address: C-14, Lajpat Nagar III, New Delhi

Contact No: +91-11-2984-2809

global warming solutions

Manusatva, West Bengal

Manusatva was founded in 2017 with a motive to bring behavioral changes into society and protect mother earth. They have been helping restore the balance of nature and minimize plastic waste by using unique initiatives and efforts.

Address: Murgi Hatta, Kalimpong, West Bengal

Contact No: 8904648451

Save environment

The above blog will help you learn about the best tips to save the environment from global warming. You can also join an NGO as a volunteer for your cause to help mother earth.

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