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11 Tips to Help Strays and Homeless in Winters in 2021

How to help strays in winter

Winter is about to come and it’s time to unfold warm clothes but what about stray and homeless. We all have seen hundreds of people and stray animals surviving without shelter and food during cold days. With the cold weather approaching, it may be the time to help them. That’s why we have curated this article listing ways to help stray and homeless in the winter.

In this post, Helplocal will share tips to help stray and homeless in the winter.

Tips to help stray and homeless

Follow below tips to help animals and humans in the cold weather.

How to help strays in winter

Provide shelter

Shelter is one of the most crucial assets to survive during the winter. Without proper shelter, it is hard to survive the cold weather conditions. Shelter will help animals and humans to fight chilly winds during the winter season.

Offer food

Food is the basic necessity for a living body to survive. Offering food and lukewarm water to homeless people will help them get proper nutrition during the winter season. Visit nearby railway stations, temples, bus stands, etc. to find homeless and stray to offer food and warm water.

Educate others

You might have noticed non-profit organizations conducting awareness drives about helping the homeless and strays. These educational drives motivate others to join the cause and help stray and homeless during the winter season. Start by educating your family members and people in your friend’s circle.

Give warm clothes

It is hard for humans to survive in cold windy days without warm clothes. A lot of homeless people and strays die during the winter season due to a lack of warm clothes. Donate your old warm clothes to needy people or contribute to local NGOs if you are struggling to track down homeless people in your region 

How to help strays in winter

Give free medical care

Winter not only makes your hands and teeth shiver but it also adversely affects physical health. Donate free medical supplies to people who are unable to get proper medical treatment. Join hands with local NGOs working for medical support in India.

Check car hood before starting

A lot of stray animals reside beneath the car for shelter during rainy days. So make sure to thoroughly check your car hood before riding it. Make a habit of checking the car hood properly to ensure no innocent animal is hurt during your car ride. 

Give warm water 

It is extremely hard to drink cold water during the winters. Most Often, stray animals and homeless people are not able to avail of the warm water during the winter season. Offer lukewarm water to stray and homeless people to keep their bodies warm during the winter season.

Donate bed sheets

We all have seen people sleeping without bed sheets on the bus stands, railway stations, and on the roadside during the winter. No matter whether you purchase a new bedsheet from the market or unfold your old bed sheet from the cupboard, donate it to the homeless people living on the streets nearby you.

Donate in NGOs

India has over 3.2 million registered NGOs working around the clock to help the homeless and strays. These numbers are enough to describe how social workers are making efforts to help the ones that are surviving the flak of luck. Search online NGOs near me to reach top non-profit organizations in your locality and start by donating a ripple amount to understand how they are using your money to help others.

Volunteer in NGOs

Nothing will give you more satisfaction than working on the ground level to help needy and homeless people. Join a local NGO in your area to feed stray animals. Helping others by volunteering in NGOs will put a never-ending smile on your face.

Donate fire pit or wood

People living outside often struggle to keep their bodies warm due to the cold weather. Donate fire pits and wood to help them stay warm during cold nights. If you are low on money then you can also take help from your friends and family members to raise funds for helping others.

How to help strays in winter

Help homeless and needy in winters

The above post will help you in making a positive change in society by helping stray and homeless. Do you run an NGO? Email us at to get listed on Helplocal for free.

If you wish to make a positive change in society through individual or collaborative effort. Volunteer with or donate in any form to non-profit organizations working to curb drug addiction and helping addicts rebuild their lives. 

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