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The Resilient Foundation , Palghar

The Resilient Foundation is a registered NGO based in Palghar, Maharashtra. This NGO uses experiential learnings to train people about disaster management like emergency rescue, victim handling techniques handling fire situations, and evacuation process. The Maharashtra-based nonprofit organization is working around the clock to educate youth about disaster management to make them prepared, empathetic and proactive rather than vulnerable during a crisis.  

The Palghar situated Resilient Foundation’s active drives have catered thousands preparing them to make quick decisions during crises and respond accordingly. With your willful funding and voluntary support, The Resilient Foundation, the Maharashtra-based NGO can expand their reach to other states which need such disaster management training. Connect with the nonprofit organization to learn more.

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+91 92269 45702

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Founder's vision & message

Bhupender Mishra, an education and disaster management expert is the man behind the inception of The Resilient Foundation. His journey to explore the social sector was started by joining the National Service Scheme (NSS). He has undergone extensive Disaster management training through Civil Defense, Government of Maharashtra, where he learned and delivered various disaster management programs to various institutes. After the same, he collaborated with a few like-minded people and established a nonprofit organization called The Resilient Foundation. 

Currently functioning in Palghar, TRF is planning to expand its reach in other states and educate them about disaster management. Their drives are inspiring and campaigns are fruitful. Becoming a volunteer at The Resilient Foundation will help you get to the core of their functionality and work trajectory.

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If you have the knowledge, let others light their candle in it!  With a firm belief to educate people about disaster management, nonprofit organizations like Palghar’s The Resilient Foundation are aiding thousands of people on a monthly basis. Your collaborative voluntary efforts and a token of monetary donation can make these organizations self sustain. Connect with TRF and make this world a happy place for all.

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