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Rangrut , New Delhi

Rangrut is a Delhi-NCR located nonprofit organization that was founded in 2016. With prime focus on animal welfare, child education, audio books recording for visually impaired, and societal changes, the NGO is growing each day with its active drives and participation. The audiobooks for visually impared is a great form of support the nonprofit organization is providing to the handicapped.

Within a short span of 5 years, Rangrut NGO has earned a space in the good books of humanitarians. The Delhi based nonprofit organization has organized various awareness drives through which it has eradicated the social evils like child labour, lack of hygine and animal welfare in the NCR region to a certain extent. With volunteers and donations from people who care, Rangrut NGO can achieve new heights.

Physical address: Flat No-243, Jahaz Housing Society, Inder Enclave, Paschim Vihar, ND-87

Contact details:

9582457128,  teamrangrut@gmail.com

Official website: https://teamrangrutsite.wordpress.com

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Founder's vision & message

Anukriti Sharma, Khushboo Joshi, and  Pramod Keshwal founded the NGO in 2016. Rangrut is like a family! The founder and team members of this Delhi based NGO team-up and coordinate the overall functioning of this non profit organization. Enthusiastic youth is the power backup of this NGO. It’s the care for the unprivileged, animals and the handicapped that drives volunteers and donors at Rangrut to work selflessly each day.

Team members of Rangrut never hesitate to step out of their comfort zones at any time. Truely, the founders of this Delhi based nonprofit organizations are an example of youth trying to form a better India.

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