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Myna Mahila Foundation , Mumbai

Myna Mahila Foundation was founded by Suhani Jalota in 2015 to empower women by encouraging discussion of taboo subjects such as menstruation, and by setting up workshops to produce low-cost sanitary products for enabling girls to stay in school in the Mumbai suburban & rural regions. Since its founding, it has grown to provide services all over the Mumbai region. Apart from empowering women, the Mumbai-based local foundation is providing stable employment to women in slums by encouraging them to join their workforce and manufacture low-cost sanitary napkins. Support this Mumbai-based local non-profit in widening their impact to more cities and locations across India.

This Mumbai-based non-profit organization has successfully educated thousands of women across India making their life better. Through a collaborative approach, Myna Mahila Foundation has been catering to uplift the life of unprivileged school girls and household women. Donate money, send supplies, or volunteer to work with Myna Mahila Foundation on the ground level. See the change happen with the money and efforts you donate!

Physical address: 10/11 Building No. 34 A GM Link Road Govandi (W) Mumbai 400043 IN, Natvar Parekh Compound, Shivaji Nagar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400043

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7208880031, 9326127527

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Myna Mahila Foundation is on a mission to empower women in India about menstrual hygiene and end-period poverty. Not only the team members of the Myna Mahila Foundation but the volunteers and charity donors come together time-to-time to continue the work of upliftment of unprivileged women. This is the major reason behind Mumbai‚Äôs nonprofitable organization being one of the most known NGOs of the Maharashtra region.

Support this non-profit based in Mumbai by making a financial donation or working with its founders at the ground level to change the lives of underprivileged women. Visit the official website to learn more about the efforts of this Mumbai-based women's upliftment NGO. Donate directly to make a positive change in the lives of Mumbai women!

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