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Maya Care Foundation , PAN India

Maya Care Foundation was founded by Abhay Joshi and Manjiri Gokhale Jain in 2009 to support the senior community of the Pune region. It was their dream to assist old age seniors in activities that would bring happiness in their life while living in their home. Since its founding in 2009, it has grown to provide services in more than 10 cities all over India and also in the UK. Its whole team works together to fulfill the needs of seniors who request their help. Maya Care Foundation has done remarkable work in the field of senior care and support in the past decade. Their helpline number is widely used by seniors to seek help for medical, emotional, and social support. Support this Pune based local NGO in widening their impact to more cities and locations across India. Donate, send supplies, or volunteer to work with Maya Care Foundation on the ground level.

Physical address: 1214 Shukravar Peth, Subhash Nagar, Lane no 4, Pune 411002.

Contact details:9552510400, 9552510411,

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"To become synonymous with elderly care. Caring for the senior citizens, giving them a friendly company and independence just like their family members"

Maya Care Foundation was started on the belief that seniors deserve care and respect. This Pune-based NGO is working around the clock to help senior citizens with a vast range of needs. Support the work of Maya care Foundation in Pune and other Indian cities by donating money, sending supplies, or volunteer work.

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