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Manusatva , West Bengal

Manusatva was founded by Siddarth Bhitrikoty in 2017 with an aim to bring behavioral changes into society and protect mother earth by adopting sustainable practices and passing the message “Humanity Still Exits”. Manusatva is an North East based NGO that is working tirelessly to bring changes into society and is looking for community support to expand its efforts. The founder uses community efforts to recycle plastic, support marginal communities, and plan activities to preserve the local ecosystems. Support this West-Bengal based local nonprofit in widening their reach and impact to more cities and locations across India.

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Physical address: Murgi Hatta, Kalimpong, West Bengal 734301, India

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Our small actions bring a change, so be the change. Manusatva has been helping restore the balance of nature and minimize plastic waste by using unique initiatives and efforts. Support Siddarth Bhitrikoty (NGO founder) by becoming part of his team that works tirelessly to help local communities, create awareness, and protect the environment.

Donate to this West Bengal-based non-profit organization to help the team expand its efforts. Bring behavioral change in the society, Mother Earth by adopting sustainable practices & pass on a message that "Humanity still Exists"

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