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Educare , Dharamshala

Educare India is a non-profit organization working for the overall development of society. The Dharamshala-based nonprofit organization was formed with a will to bring a common platform for learning and sharing the brighter aspects of knowledge and education. With a vision of spreading its wings across 28 states in the next 5 years, Educare founders have already set a standard for the upcoming NGOs. This Dharamshala based non-profit organization is dedicated to working on different social causes including women upliftment and medical support to help the unprivileged communities of India

This Dharamshala-based nonprofit organization has designed its three-year incubation to focus on formalizing the idea in the first year, focusing on prototyping this idea on the ground in the second year, and scaling the idea into a program in the third year. With collaborative voluntary help and funding from the corporates, this dream is on the good side to become successful.

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Founder's vision & message

Educare is a collaborative initiative of social workers who care. These intellectual minds came together with an urge to alleviate the barriers that were hampering the growth and development of unprivileged societies across different states of India. At the time of the pandemic, this nonprofit organization worked at its best by providing food supplies, sanitation equipment, and awareness all across its region of operation.

The founders and team members of Educare always look forward to getting in touch with people who are ready to contribute to a better society. Through charity and voluntary efforts, the Dharamshala located NGO is able to successfully accomplish various drives and projects helping unprivileged communities live better life.

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A life lived for the betterment of others is a thousand times better than the life lived for your own. Support the cause by joining hands with Educare India, the Dharamshala situated NGO for the betterment of unprivileged communities. Contribute your efforts in the form of donations and voluntary participation.

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