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Earth5R, Mumbai

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Earth5R , Mumbai

Earth5R, the 2014 founded Environment and Gobal Warming NGO is India's leading non-profit organization headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The NGO is networked with schools, colleges, municipal corporations and other governmental bodies for operations. The NGO is also recognised by the United Nations and several other head of Nations. The NGO motivates and inspires local communities to come together and work for the betterment of the environment with the help of their citizen portal. The NGO is globally recognised!

Action and awareness, volunteer ship, internship etc are provided by the Mumbai-based NGO for global warming and environment, Earth5R. The 5Rs in its name refer to Respect, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Restore. The NGO has a wide number of global partners and major one of them include UNESCO, UNTIL, PPF, REUTERS Events, Government of Brazil and National Geographic. Earth5R believes in sustainable living where nature and other species live in harmony with each other. Glubal laureate His Holiness Dalai Lama has also appreciated the NGO.


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Founder's vision & message

Charismatic Saurabh Gupta started the NGO in 2014 when hi quitted his lucrative job at Cafe Coffee Day, Mumbai. Saurabh initiated his drive by making his locality green. Teaming up with the likeminded neighbours he planted trees and spread awareness about global warming and its impact on our lives in the coming times. Over 50000 volunteers joined the drive in 2020 when people from over 50 countries supported Earth5R. The Citizen Science program started by the NGO has been able to solve global sustainable issues across 45 countries. 

Saurabh is an energetic person who wants to make the NGO new heights in the coming time. His efforts have made it possible for the NGO to earn a rank amongst world's top 300 organisations in the 5th edition of Global Entreps Award at 5g Citizens International Congress in 2021. The NGO awaits more volunteers, donations and supplies so that more and more trees are planted across the globe and sustainable living is accepted by all. 

Support Earth5R , Mumbai

Become a part of the innovative Earth5R NGO, for environment and global warming. Your active participation in every form is accepted by the Mumbai located non-profit organisation. Donate as much as you can and above all, volunteer your efforts so that the earth is made a cleaner, liveable place by 2030. Get in touch with the NGO through Helplocal India. 

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