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Blind people's association, ahmedabad

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3 years free diploma course to people with visual impairment
15 campus all over Gujarat
free education to 250+ blind adult students

Blind people's association , ahmedabad

The Blind People’s Association is one of the largest NGOs in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, that works tirelessly for underprivileged and needy people who suffer from disabilities, like,  blindness or low vision, hearing impairment, and, locomotor disability.

BPA is a multi-campus organization with 15 campuses all over Gujarat and one in Rajasthan.  It also has 13 Vision centers and 10 Day Care centers for persons with multiple disabilities mainly deafblindness. BPA has also succeeded in integrating mainstream schools with special children (children with any disabilities).

It is because of BPA that more than 2000 children with disabilities study in regular schools with non-disabled children. BPA provides itinerant and resource center facilities. Two such Inclusive schools of BPA are located in Naaz village near Bareja and in Bavla. 

BPA runs B.Ed (Special) courses recognized by various Universities for different disabilities. This Ahmedabad-based NGO has built 16 special needs centers that provide medical, psychiatric, speech therapy, hearing aids, and training on activity on daily living (ADL), orientation, and mobility support.

Physical address: 132 Ft Ring Road, Andhjan Mandal BRTS bus stop, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad - 380015, Gujarat, India

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Contact: +91-79-26303346


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Vision: The vision of the Blind People Association is to ensure that all people with all types of disabilities have a good quality of life and are integrated as an indivisible part of their communities and the nation.

Mission: The mission of the Blind People Association is to provide appropriate education, intervention, and training, for people with disabilities. This includes promoting awareness, empowerment, and employment opportunities, and supporting them through trained staff and caregivers. The association also aims to prevent, cure, and mitigate disabling conditions through collaboration with families, communities, and other stakeholders.

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BPA runs Bachelor of  Education courses recognized by various Universities for different disabilities. BPA organizes training courses of various durations for parents, special educators, other professionals, and other stakeholders.

 The BPA manufactures and distributes wheelchairs, tricycles, walkers, crutches, white canes, artificial limbs, and many other devices to people with disabilities especially from underprivileged and marginal sections of society.

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