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Top 7 Education NGOs in Chennai: Support Education Nonprofits in India

Education ngos in chennai

There are many NGOs in Chennai supporting education of children but many people interested in volunteer work are not aware of them. That’s why we decided to create this post and share the top 7 education NGOs of Chennai region. Before looking at the nonprofits in Chennai, let’s look at some education stats. 

According to the 2020 Survey, India has 33rd global rank in education. As per 2011 census, literacy rate of India stands at 74.04% but we still have a long way to go considering India still has 287 million illiterate people.

Now, let’s look at the best child education NGOs in Chennai! 

Education nonprofits in Chennai

Here are 7 non profits in the education field active in Chennai

Bhumi, Chennai 

Bhumi is one of the largest independent youth volunteer non profit organizations active across India and also bringing change in Chennai. This child education NGO was started in 2006 by a few students and young professionals in the city. The team is working voluntarily to provide quality education to the underprivileged children of Chennai. 

Bhumi NGO, Chennai is using an informal method of education to incorporate the idea of “learn while you play”. Here are its contact details: 

Address: 3/2, Karpaga Vinayagar Koil Street, Alandur, Chennai-600016, India.

Contact number: 87544-13255


Education ngos in chennai

Arvind Foundation, Chennai 

Arvind Foundation is a charitable foundation providing education and therapies to differently abled children. This Chennai based foundation was started in 2004 by parents of a child with cerebral palsy. The mission of Arvind Foundation is to help children with special needs to become independent through education, therapies, and vocational training. 

They started with 2 special needs children in 2004 and now they are serving 140 such children and adults. Here’s the address and other details of this education NGO in Chennai

Address: 387,27th Street, 6th Sector, K.K.Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, 600078.

Contact number: +919841034234


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Eureka Education Foundation, Chennai 

Eureka Education Foundation works at providing quality education for primary and secondary school children living in slums of Chennai. The main aim of this education NGO is to ensure that every child passes out of high school with the requisite knowledge, skills and confidence to face the future. They provide educational content in language, mathematics, science to improve children’s learning. 

In each slum area, they have 3 local tutors in their centers who are teaching more than 50 students. Volunteer with this child education NGO in Chennai to spread knowledge.



New Hope and New Life Organization, Chennai 

This non-profit organization in Chennai was started by Mr. C. Wilson in 2012. This NGO is providing quality education to young children and people from poor backgrounds through their tuition centers. These tuition centers provide food, education, evening tuition facility and awareness programmes. 

150 students from 6 villages of Chennai have been provided education and skills till now. The main aim of this organization is “Equalize all in the society, Embrace all without ignoring”

Office address: No.6/44,Kamaraj Street, Near Andhra Bank, Medavakkam, Chennai-600100. Tamil Nadu,India.,


Contact number: +91 8754499555 , +91 9444522984


Education ngos near me

Team Everest NGO, Chennai 

Team Everest is one of the biggest youth run NGO in India. This NGO was started in 2006 by the founder, Karthee Vidya in Chennai. The main focus of this child education NGO is providing quality education to underprivileged children through volunteering. 

This nonprofit started many programs like scholarship programmes, first penguin club, speak out, smile 100, and back to school to provide better learning and education to children from unprivilaged backgrounds.

Address: Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600043.

Contact number: 08939912365 ,,


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Saradha Sakthi Peetam, Chennai 

Saradha Sakthi Peetam is a non profit organization which was started in 1988 in Chennai. This organization is an orphanage home that provides shelter to the orphans along with food and education. 

Saradha Sakthi Peetam also provide basic supplies like books, notebooks, uniforms and other basic educational requirements to children to support their education and growth. Support this local child education NGO through donations and volunteer work. 

Address: No:72, Kamaraj Highways, Near Padmavathi Kalyanamandapam, Old Perungalathur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600063.

Contact number: 8807000510, 8807000518.


Chudar Education, Chennai 

Chudar is a non profit organization located in Chennai. This NGO was founded by Dr. Ravishankar and his team. This organization focuses on improving the quality of education for the children from unprivileged backgrounds. 

Its main goal is to ensure that every student gets the basic knowledge, skills and confidence to face the future. Work with this children education NGO in Chennai to bring change. 

Address: No.123, Gowdiya mutt Road,Royapettah, Chennai,Tamil Nadu 600014.

Contact Number: 6381889525


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Education non profit in chennai

Education Nonprofits in Chennai: Endnote 

Above are some of the top education NGOs in Chennai. However, these are not the only NGOs that are situated in Chennai and South India. There are many more NGOs that are doing a great job to educate the young children and youth. 

If you know any child education NGO that’s helping to educate the people, then, let us know! We can feature it in this blog. 

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